Why Now is the perfect time to review your website…

When you look at your website (or even just think about it) do you feel happy and confident, proud of it or does the mere thought send you into a mental shutdown lasting longer than the current COVID-19 lockdown?

Your website is your shop window

If you imagine your website as being a physical shop, ask yourself this; Would it attract customers? If they entered your ‘shop’ would they be able to clearly see your brand and products/services?

It isn’t always easy to take an objective look so it’s a good idea to get a trusted friend or colleague to review your site. (Able Web Design can also provide an objective look at your website). Imagine yourself as the customer, if you can and see if you can satisfy these criteria?

Is what I’m offering (products or services) clear from the start?

Is my brand visible?

Is it easy to get in touch with me?

What’s my customer journey like (ie, does it flow through the site or is it like navigating in open seas during a storm?


Why bother when we are in lockdown?


If anything, now it is even more important to be visible online. During the lockdown there are many more people searching online for businesses, products and services than ever before. 

If you have a business that can be adapted online, then it’s a fantastic opportunity to look at your website and social media and see what can be done to enhance your profile online.

If your business is not adaptable to work online, then you would be wise to consider working to raise your profile in preparation for when restrictions are lifted – you want to be at the forefront of people’s minds as restrictions lift, rather than racing to catch up.


Isn’t it all expensive?


Not necessarily. There are many things you can do yourself and with the help of your friends and family as suggested above. Sometimes only a few tweaks here and there are required.

If however, you need some help and advice, either with a website review, SEO or some updating of your site, then we are happy to help and we can schedule manageable, monthly payments to make things a little easier on the budget. 


If you need help with your website, social media or SEO, we would be happy to help, contact us at  help@ablewebdesign.co.uk

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