What to do if your site has been hacked!

If your site has been hacked, don’t panic we can help. But why wait until things are that bad when there are some simple preventative steps you can take to safeguard your website?

Prevention is better than cure…

No site is 100% secure, however, there are some steps you can take to help prevent your site from being hacked:

1: Backups – Backup your site regularly so you will always have a restore point. If your content doesn’t change that much, once a month is fine. If you regularly update and change content, back up before and after any changes are made.

2: Install a security plugin like wordfence – wordfence is a fantastic plugin that will send you updates of any changes or unauthorised attempts to login.

3: Updates – Themes and plugins need to be regularly updated. If they aren’t it could lead to vulnerabilities in the files and this could enable a hacker to access your system. Remember to back up before you update and back up again after.

4: Get creative and secure passwords and user ids – Passwords should be secure with a mix of random characters, uppercase/lowercase letters and numbers, but it is also important to limit the number of administrator ids. You can assign specific roles which give people the ability to do what they need to without being an administrator. Did you also know that the most common user id for administrator is admin? Try a different user id (but not just the name of the person who is your administrator!)

If your site has been hacked, contact us immediately and we can help restore your site and take preventative measures to reduce it from happening again.

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